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Creating Legacies Together

Our team and carrier partners strive to inspire and support our advisors in designing insurance solutions that create legacies for clients to protect, and pass on, their wealth.

Proven Advisor Support

SBG has developed a specialty partnering with advisors whose core business focus may not be insurance. Our proven process keeps you in advisor mode while our seasoned team tends to the details.

Bill Dolan, President’s Message

After starting in the insurance industry as an agent and field sales manager, I came to believe there was a different way to distribute insurance products to families. I founded SBG, Inc. in 1996 with a goal of developing a simple way to help financial advisors provide insurance solutions to their clients.

I have enjoyed working with our excellent staff to grow SBG into a full-service, multi-carrier agency specializing in personalized brokerage service for financial advisors across 30 states. SBG counts as our clients some of the country’s favored broker dealers and wirehouses as well as regional firms, banks and independent producers.

Because of SBG’s high standards of service and quality,  we have developed SBG into a strong choice for financial advisors that are working to insure the legacies of their clients. My focus continues to be seeking new relationships with the right partners in the financial services industry who are looking to expand their value and deepen their relationships with their clients.

If you are looking for the right partner to help you expand your practice by offering your client more in the areas of asset protection, give me a call!


Bill Dolan
SBG President / Partner